Diary of a Resurrectionist, Thursday 12th December 1811

Thursday 12th. I went up to Brookes and Wilson, afterwards me Bill and Daniel went to Bethnall Green, got 2; Jack, Ben went got 2 large & 1 large small back St. Luke’s, came home, afterwards met again & went to Bunhill row got 6, 1 of them with ________ named Mary Rolph, aged 46, Died 5th Dec. 1811.

Miss Ball, Miss Hayden

Went to Brookes and Wilson (probably for orders), the gang seperated and resurrected in total 11 adults and one older child (large small).

Where Naples scribbles out his words so they might not be read with regard to Mary Rolph, the orginal manuscript diary does seem to read; 1 of them with their (damned)? throat cut named Mary Rolph, aged 46, Died 5th Dec. 1811.

James Blake Bailey notes this, and having read the manuscript myself many times, I agree that this is what it seems to say, as far as you can tell staring through Naples’ attempts to disguise his words. I have not yet been able to find Mary Rolph, but I have not given up hope of finding another trace of her or what had happened to her. Naples rarely comments on the bodies in this way. His tone suggests it was a shock to find it.


About theresurrectionists

My name is Kirsty Chilton. I am a Medical Historian working in London and relentlessly searching for the body snatchers of 18th and 19th century London. Currently, the content of this blog is a personal project to repost and comment on the diary of 19th century Resurrectionist Joseph Naples 200 years from the time it was written.
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