Thursday 9th.
Went down to St. Thomas’s, got paid , £8 8 0, 2 adults; at home all night.

A simple night of getting paid, another rough £285 worth of money.

The regular resurrectionists were familiar faces around the dissection films of the hospitals and the students and surgeons and porters alike were familiar with them.

In a letter home to his family in 1801, student Hampton Weekes described his relationship with a member of the Borough gang;

“…I yesterday sold my preparation for what it cost me £1 5s 0d, for I was not well satisfied with it, the next subject I chose shall not be an anasarcose* one I assure you, I sold it to the man who cleans the room and who injects sometimes, his name is Butler, He buys preparations often”

(letter 30, To Richard Weekes, 13th December 1801, A Medical Student at St Thomas’s Hosptial, 1801-1802, The Weekes Family Letters by John M T Ford)


About theresurrectionists

My name is Kirsty Chilton. I am a Medical Historian working in London and relentlessly searching for the body snatchers of 18th and 19th century London. Currently, the content of this blog is a personal project to repost and comment on the diary of 19th century Resurrectionist Joseph Naples 200 years from the time it was written.
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